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Enterprise Consulting

Enterprise Consulting specializes in helping growing companies select the right business systems with the best and suitable technologies. We operate with the latest deep learning technology platform and frameworks for various enterprises. Our focus is to propel your company’s technological aspirations through N I DRIVE’s Enterprise Consulting services. With the help of our consultants who have ample experience in implementing, customizing, upgrading and optimizing ERP Applications, our clients can achieve newer heights with suitable business systems.

We further focus on helping companies by analyzing business processes, develop a realistic project management plan and execute applications based on their requirements to revamp their businesses. In N I DRIVE services in SAP include to ensure the expected business benefits in direct consultation with the customer's key stakeholders, determining areas of concerns where the ERP applications will help vanquish the fragility of the current system, Full Life Cycle Implementation and SAP ASAP Methodology with a zenith SAP team who have expertise in configuring, developing and supporting the SAP suite of applications.

With end-to-end solutions, data wrangling, visualization and machine learning we make your business a sublime one. By offering personalization, recommendations and smart segmentations for our customer’s businesses, we make their procedure operationally ready, for we have the ability to go from design to production steadily and smoothly.

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